[wp-hackers] A few 4.2 questions

Luke Bryan lukebryan at sharefaith.com
Thu Mar 19 04:25:39 UTC 2015

Greetings all,

In testing the new 4.2 I've noticed some important differences from the
older 4.1:

First of all, the redesigned wp-views - they seem to break compatibility,
even with the old minimal example on github
that has been working for a few versions now. Will there be a migration
guide for this view system soon?

Second, something I just now noticed, is the latest version seems to lack
the execCommands listing:
In WP4.1, you could run "tinymce.activeEditor.execCommands" in js console
and see what commands you could call execCommand( commandname ) on. In the
latest this seems to be missing. Was this replaced with something else?

Best regards,

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