[wp-hackers] wp-hackers Digest, Vol 126, Issue 2

Joaquin Rodriguez Montero yojoaquin at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 18:07:32 UTC 2015

Hi guys!

This is a very strange case which I don't know how to solve or even know
what's going on.
I have 8.636 posts (post type 'document').  245 of them are published with
the same date (January 6th 2008).
When I filter by date: January 2008, I get all 245 (according the number
showed next to the pagination buttons) but the thing is I don't and plus I
get repeated posts! why?!
Funny thing is that when I change the "number of elements per page" to 50
(instead of 20) I get the proper list.. no repeated elements, etc.
Has anyone experienced this? It's super weird.

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