[wp-hackers] What happened to plans for unbundling language files for plugins?

David Anderson david at wordshell.net
Wed Feb 4 11:04:55 UTC 2015


Does anyone know what happened to the plans for providing a way for 
plugins to unbundle their language (mo/po) files from the main plugin, 
so that WP would have a mechanism for downloading them separately? This 
mechanism now exists for core, but not for plugins, AFAIK. WooCommerce 
implemented their own mechanism, and whilst it's tempting to do the 
same, it feels like a problem that needs solving at a higher level.

UpdraftPlus, for example, now has 8Mb of language files bundled (2.4Mb 
when zipped). wordpress.org servers have shipped an extra 140 gigabytes 
worth of UpdraftPlus in the last week because of this.

Best wishes,

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