[wp-hackers] WP Central Posts Network a WordPress Multisite Plugin

Nícholas André nicholas at iotecnologia.com.br
Mon Apr 20 02:25:13 UTC 2015

Hi guys, recently I develop a WordPress Plugin specifically for multisite.
I always wanted to use WordPress Multisite to create interconected sites.
And for a project I need to use Multisite in this way. So, I develop a
WordPress Plugin to accomplish this. I called it WP Central Posts Network.

It's a WordPress Multisite Plugin that let you choose any posts on any site
in the network to display on the main site.

Basically it allows you to define sections that will receive posts of any
site of the Network, then you can shows the posts associated with that
section on the main site.

It's on the official repository:

Docs to use it, are in my github repo:

I'm Brazillian Developer, sorry for any english mistakes.

Nícholas André
Desenvolvedor Web especialista em WordPress

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