[wp-hackers] Syndication Input Sought

James DiGioia jamesorodig at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 14:10:39 UTC 2014

It may be worth looking into the WP-API, which is the JSON api slated to go into core in 4.1 (I think). I haven't used it, but I think it will provide JSON endpoints withou requiring the Jetpack plugin, if you're looking to avoid that.

On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 9:55 AM, Jeff Lambert <jeff.lambert at jvhm.com>

> Thanks Bart and Nikola.
> Nikola - I’ll take a look at threewpbroadcast.
> Bart - Probably am feeling defeated as I keep running into roadblocks on
> this plugin and really don’t have the bandwidth, and likely the knowledge
> to dig into the code.  I did a little looking around but think there are
> things on the WP side I’m not aware of, especially given that it requires
> JetPack be installed on the receiving site.  If you have thoughts on how
> to get support, or engage someone to here to help make this plugin work,
> I’m all ears.
> Cheers,
> Jeff
> On 9/8/14, 1:15 AM, "Bart Schouten" <list at xenhideout.nl> wrote:
>>I can only say that to me, the first solution you envisioned sounds
>>inspired and creative and solid. But the alternative path you suggest
>>after, sounds just like you're running out of time and you need a quicker
>>I do hope you will be able to find something that really satisfies you..
>>All the best,
>>ps. maybe you should push harder to get support on that plugin. I mean,
>>wherever, in here, somewhere else. "unless someone here has some thoughts
>>about it" is not a very invitational statement to make if you are looking
>>for that kind of help. That's like admitting defeat before you've even
>>asked anything...
>>Anyway, good luck.
>>On Sun, 7 Sep 2014, Jeff Lambert wrote:
>>> Looking to see if anyone has ideas on the best approach to this
>>> I have a client who has a couple of sites that we want to syndicate,
>>> through opening up a JSON tunnel and also by serving up a page within an
>>> iframe on the subscriber¹s site.
>>> To get here my plan was to bring the content of our two sites together
>>> syndicate the centrally managed content out to our two sites, as well
>>>as to
>>> those who sign up for our service.  This is the path I¹ve taken.
>>> In researching this awhile back I came across this offering by VIP
>>> WordPress, http://vip.wordpress.com/plugins/syndication.  Perfect
>>> so, I did some hunting and found there is a plugin, developed by
>>> up on the plugin repository,
>>> While it hasn¹t been updated in awhile there were some answers to
>>> recent support topics and a reference to a more current version on
>>> which I¹m running.  Unfortunately, my support posts go unanswered and I
>>> have run into a new issue and will likely not use this option anymore
>>> someone here has some thoughts about it.
>>> So, I¹m looking for suggestions on a different approach.  if I pull the
>>> sites onto my multisite and run them as sub-sites, is there a good way
>>> parse out the posts from the primary site to these sub-sites?  Anyone
>>> this?  I¹m not worried about search engine hate as I¹ll be ³blocking²
>>> search engines from my main content site and those who sign up for our
>>> service are only displaying content on their Intranets.
>>> Specific info:
>>> Main content management site is:  http://accuranews.com
>>> Current site that I¹m trying to push content to:
>>> http://www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com
>>> Future second site to push content to is:
>>> Thanks in advance for your help!
>>> Cheers,
>>> Jeff
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