[wp-hackers] single quote in content ends up as Unicode Character 'RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK'

Haluk Karamete halukkaramete at gmail.com
Tue May 27 00:31:52 UTC 2014

This is a trickty one...

When I type in ' ( which is a simple single quote) in the content area in
my shortcode, I see that it ends up as a 'right single quotation mark' that
is ’

That's observation #1.

It gets even more interesting, but when I put two of them, one after the
other  like this, ( '' ) , I ended up with ”  ( instead of

This is very confusing to me cause I'm middle of parsing my structured data
based shortcode. The content area interferes with me big time.

Could you tell me which WordPress function(s) involve here so that a
simple good old (') single quote ends up with ’? Could you point me
the location where this is happening?

With that location, I'm hoping to see the complete view of what other
conversion are happening that my parser be aware of.

Thank you

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