[wp-hackers] Remote shared ecommerce

Marco Giustini info at marcogiustini.info
Tue May 20 20:29:15 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I have an idea I wish to propose to the community.

Imagine you want to buy some. If you buy it alone, the good have an high
price. But if lot of people buy the same good all togheter is possible to
cut the price. Is the way as already work the groups' buying. But my
proposal is quite different and is strictly related to Wordpress.

Imagine to have a plugin that enable remotely, using XML/RPC, SOAP or JSON,
all the users of Wordpress websites that have this plugin installed (and an
ecommerce plugin also) to collectively buy the same good.

Is it feasible such a plugin? Is there someone interested in developping it?


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