[wp-hackers] Peer to peer marketplace

Chris McCoy chris at lod.com
Tue May 20 00:56:31 UTC 2014

Ive seen a premium theme that lets you users create a store within a store.

So each user can have their own marketplace.


Not sure if that is what you are after.

On 2014-05-19, 8:17 PM, "Urban Legend web, Duncan O'Neill"
<info at urbanlegendweb.co.nz> wrote:

>first time post here.
>Just wondering if anyone here has built, or knows of examples
>of peer to peer /marketplaces/ built on the WP platform.
>I'm aware of scribu's Posts to Posts plugin, which apparently
>can create many-to-many relationships between users, but
>obviously that hasn't got e-commerce functionality built in.
>So would need extending to work as an e-commerce platform.
>I've also searched WooCommerce for plugins which will create
>a p2p marketplace, but no results there.
>Another avenue I've searched is buddypress, but can't see any
>plugin examples of e-commerce functionality.
>I'm trying to find existing functionality, because I don't
>want to attempt to build it from scratch ( not sure I could ).
>thanks in advance,
>Duncan O'Neill
>mob:+64 27 385 8086
>skype: maxwell_s
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