[wp-hackers] GlotPress as a plugin

Justas Butkus jbutkus at time.ly
Thu May 8 09:07:23 UTC 2014

Hi all.

I know there was work started by Marko Heijnen [1] which allowed 
GlotPress to function as a plugin [2].

There were no changes [2] for over a year. Given WordPress 3.9 and that 
plugin - it doesn't seem to function properly, nor it's up to date with 
GlotPress [3] itself.

What do you use for translating plugins:
     * use dedicated GlotPress set-up and use some SSO solution;
     * do not maintain any relation between GlotPress and other sites;
     * some other way out?

Justas Butkus
Time.ly Network Inc.

[1]: http://markoheijnen.com/glotpress/
[2]: https://github.com/markoheijnen/glotpress-plugin
[3]: http://blog.glotpress.org/

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