[wp-hackers] prevent theme's functions.php from loading in wp-settings

Nicholas Ciske nl at thoughtrefinery.com
Mon May 5 14:56:12 UTC 2014

Tried define( 'SHORTINIT', true ); ? That keeps wp-settings.php from loading in the first place.

What if you define 'WP_INSTALLING' to something? That would seem to preclude the loading of functions.php -- but feels hacky.

See also:

Or perhaps you need to reframe the problem and just use a WP Ajax handler instead?

Nick Ciske

On May 3, 2014, at 6:29 PM, Paul Menard <paul at codehooligans.com> wrote:

> Thanks Andrew. But my point was more about the theme functions.php being
> loaded at all from wp-settings.php. Sure I can figure out a way to short
> circuit the get_options call but that is for TwentyFourteen. What is there
> is another theme used and the functions.php does many other queries I
> really don't want? Just seems less efficient not being able to control this
> via the WP_USE_THEMES define.
> P-

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