[wp-hackers] WordCamp Mobile App (Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone)

Laurentiu (Yahoo) laurentiustamate94 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 21 17:46:37 UTC 2014

Personal information

Name: Laurentiu-George Stamate

Email Address: laurentiustamate94 at yahoo.com

School: I am attending at University Politehnica of Bucharest.

Major: My major is Computer Science. 

About me

I will spend this summer in Bucharest, Romania in the UTC +2 timezone.

In highschool I founded a small team and we focused mainly on developing websites for various companies and last year I founded a company. Our website is => http://www.eselgi.com

I am an experienced developer on all the platforms you requested. With HTML and JS I started back in primary school and with PHP OOP, MySQL and C# in highschool.


April, 20 – May, 11 (three weeks) – Continuos documentation. I will ask my mentor questions if there is anything unclear for me (I will always be online on IRC and/or on other IM protocol).

May, 11 – June, 11 (one month) - I will sketch up a design, work on developing a basic functionality app and report my work in order to have a permanent feedback, and enhance any change.

June, 4 – July, 1 (~3 weeks) – I have my final exams at my faculty and I will work a little less during this period. I will write few lines of code and/or propose ideas and/or minor bug fixes during this period. 

July, 1 – July, 8 (~1 week) – Bug solving issues. By now, the application is expected to 50-60% finished.

July, 8 – July, 13 (5 days or less) – Preparing the mid-term report and submitting it to Google.

July, 13 – August, 3 (3 weeks) – Coding and discussing with my mentor about solutions in order to efficiently gain information about table structures and/or other components.

August, 3 – August, 17 (2 weeks) – I will be on my summer holiday so I wont be able to work :-)

August, 17 – August, 24 (1 week or less) – writing final report

The schedule may suffer minor modifications, depending on the way the project evolves. If I will finish some important parts earlier, maybe I will take several days (3 - 4) off. After 1st of July I will finish with any tasks I have to do for my university, and I will certainly have double amount of time to code. 

Why Me

I'm very eager to start working on any of the projects discussed above. I have participated in many IT project competitions during my high-school and now, in faculty, and I have enjoyed working for them, since any new challenge requests a lot of new knowledge in order to successfully compete and win.

I am high-level in C# (I also have a certification on Software Fundamentals which I won ranking 2nd in a C# contest), PHP, SQL, JS, and mid-level in Python, Java programming.


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