[wp-hackers] [GSoC 2014] Proposal for a forms/survey plugin

Ian Dunn ian at iandunn.name
Tue Mar 11 16:42:36 UTC 2014

On 3/10/14, 12:47 PM, Shitiz Garg wrote:
>> * Pre-defined forms is a must-have feature
> So, these will basically be like form "templates" which auto-fill when new
> form is being created?

Right. When a user creates a new form, it would start out blank, but 
there would be a dropdown list of pre-defined forms. The pre-defined 
forms will probably be created via a filter callback in the sub-plugin.

If the use chooses a form from that list, then the form that they're 
creating will be based on the pre-defined form they chose, and will 
inherit the fields, etc. They can still customize the new form to add 
extra questions, etc.

The purpose of this is to make it easy to quickly create common forms, 
and also to have some standardization to them across WordCamps, while 
still allowing enough flexibility to let organizers make it fit their 
individual needs.

> One feature that I probably missed was auto-filling forms from previously
> stored data. From what I understand, the requirement is to fill, say a
> "Call for Speakers" form with the data that the user has already filled in
> a previous form?

It's the other way around. When a potential speaker fills out the Call 
for Speakers form, the results of that would be stored in a response 
post like any other form, but there would be some additional logic in 
the sub-plugin that would also create a drafted Speaker post.

On WordCamp.org we have custom post types for Speakers, Sponsors, 
Organizers and Sessions. e.g.,


Currently when a potential speaker submits a Call for Speakers form, the 
results are e-mailed to the organizers, and they have to copy/paste the 
data into a the Speaker post. We just want to automate that process for 
them. The speakers would all have a 'draft' status to start with, and 
then the organizers can publish the speakers that they've chosen to accept.

The code for the custom post types is in the meta.svn.wordpress.org 
repository if you want to take a look or install it on your local 

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