[wp-hackers] [GSoC 2014] Proposal for a forms/survey plugin

Ian Dunn ian at iandunn.name
Mon Mar 10 19:12:02 UTC 2014

On 3/8/14, 12:12 PM, Shitiz Garg wrote:
> Hello! I hope everyone is doing well, I've worked up an initial draft for a
> forms/survey plugin and would like some feedback. Thanks

Thanks Shitiz, that looks pretty good :)

Here are a few things to refine:

* Advanced field types and stats are nice, but not necessary for the 
first version. They can be added if there's time after the core 
components are finished.

* Question branching is a must-have feature. (e.g., the user is asked an 
additional question depending on how the answered a previous question). 
That's probably similar to the conditional field logic you mentioned.

* Pre-defined forms is a must-have feature (e.g., a base "call for 
speakers" form that can be customized and added on to by each admin)

* Another must-have feature will be automating some actions for certain 
forms. For example, when a potential speaker submits the Call for 
Speakers form, the should automatically have a Speaker post created and 
set as a draft. That way the WordCamp organizers won't have to 
copy/paste the data from their submission into a Speaker post.

Since the plugin should be generic enough to live in the WordPress.org 
plugin repository, features like this that are specific to WordCamp.org 
would probably be implemented as a second plugin, and the base plugin 
would simply provide the necessary custom hooks to allow the second 
plugin to integrate with it.

* See the original idea posting and past wp-hackers threads for more 
details on other must-have features

* Order/pricing isn't relevant to WordCamps. They're not-for-profit 
events and the only thing attendees purchase is a ticket, which is 
handled by the CampTix plugin.

* Role-based fields and form limitations probably wouldn't be necessary 
for the first version.

* Form fields should be added through a UI rather than shortcodes. We'd 
only want a shortcode for the form itself. See previous threads on 
wp-hackers for a discussion about that.

* Each form will be a post, and the fields and other data will be stored 
as postmeta. Same for responses.

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