[wp-hackers] Multisite - Plugin for sharing database data between sites

Utkarsh Dixit utkarsh.dixit11 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 14:18:26 UTC 2014


This is in regards with the Multisite-Plugin for sharing data between sites
given on the gsoc 2014 ideas page. I have earlier sent my approach towards
this idea but haven't received any response. :(

Is this idea still active? have any mentors been decided for this idea?(On
the page its written TBD), if yes how may I contact them?



As stated on the gsoc page one of the use cases can be of a shopping cart
across a network.

We can start by dedicating a sql table in the database for such items which
have to be shared across the cart (Every item has a unique id). Now, for
each site we could probably give the admin of that site the choice to
select the products which he wants to display on his site (and add these
values along with their unique ids in the table dedicated for that
particular site). We can then use inner sql joins to create a connection
between this new table and the table of the main admin. In this way whole
stocks can be shared across an e-commerce website, along with quantities
and other datas associated with them.

I just wanted to know whether this approach solves the problem at hand. I
might be wrong in the interpretation of the problem, please correct me. Any
suggestions changes etc. are most welcome :)



I'm a sophomore student of Mathematics and Computing from India interested
in participating for GSoC 2014 under Wordpress.

I've already thoroughly been through the wordpress ideas
page<http://codex.wordpress.org/GSoC2014> for
Gsoc 14. I'm really interested in working for the "Multisite Plugin-for
sharing database data between sites". I've already been through the links
provided in the description (thanks, were really helpful in giving me an
idea of what you really want). I've a basic layout in mind for the plugin.
I just wanted some guidance regarding some of the more specific

I've designed two to three websites on wordpress, one for a national
level entrepreneurial
summit <http://udgam.in/?home=true> held in India. I've also got a fair
knowledge about the wordpress codebase. I've also provided a patch for bug
#23691 <https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/23691> (yet to be reviewed).
I would further like to work under Wordpress in this GSoC, Hoping for a
positive reply.


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