[wp-hackers] Mobile in-app search [GSOC 2014]: Introducing myself

Sanjana Shankar sanjanashankar151 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 13:06:27 UTC 2014


I'm a 3rd year undergrad student of computer science from India. I'm
interested in the mobile in-app search for pages, posts and comments. I've
done some programming with Android and I've started trying to fix some bugs
and familiarize myself with the WordPress Android codebase.

I have a question about the description of the problem given on the codex.
Is the "user" specified the person who has logged in on the app so this
search is local to his posts and pages only? I also had an extension of
this idea whereby the search applies for the blogs that appear in the
Reader tab also, hence adding the search feature on the wordpress.com site
to the mobile app. I'd also like to suggest a more context based search
that reorders posts according to the type of post that the user is reading
currently. For example, if a user searches for travel, only posts that have
been tagged as "travel" show up presently. But if he is reading posts which
contain anecdotes about travel as opposed to posts about how to prepare to
travel to a particular place then the search results should change to show
him more blogs tagged with both "travel" and "humour".

Would this be applicable to the mobile search idea? Please let me know if
I'm heading in the right direction and what I could do to start off on this
or if I should submit this as a separate idea. I'd love to work with


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