[wp-hackers] GSoC 2014 Questions

Yatin Maan yatinmaan1 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 16:10:22 UTC 2014

> Hey,

I am aware of that performance is not one of PhoneGap's strongest points
but the app we are developing here is simple enough to not be bottlenecks
by PhoneGap. If enough time is invested in optimising the app then it can
achieve almost native speed (Health Tap was featured as an Editor's choice
on the AppStore).
 Plus, using PhoneGap we can deploy on multiple platforms ensuring maximum
availability (I am thinking iOS , Android and if time permits Windows
And all the apps having a single code base has its own benefits , imagine
bugs are fixed/features are added to iOS versions yet Android is lagging
behind because the particular developer who added the feature doesn't know
Java. What I am trying  to say here is that yes PhoneGap Apps are a bit
slow but if enough work is put into it that lag can be overcome (eg you can
remove atleast 300ms delay per touch by using ontouch instead of
onclick)  and the benefits provided by PhoneGap far outweigh the concerns.

Now onto some questions,
1. How do compile the iOS App as I don't have an developer account ? (You
need to have a key to
3. Do we need to create special versions for tablets or would stretching be
fine ?
2. How do I debug the iOS App as  I don't have an iPhone ? (Though I have
an iPad but its not jail broken and I would need an developer account to
get the app on the iPad.)


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