[wp-hackers] [Bug?] Selecting tax terms associated to a cpt

James Currie jamie at wunderdojo.com
Thu Jul 31 16:22:10 UTC 2014

Are you using a custom taxonomy for it via register_taxonomy? 

If so, just set the capabilities to match your custome ones, ie:

   'capabilities'    => array(
             'manage_terms'  =>'custom-capability',
             'edit_terms'    =>'custom-capability',
             'delete_terms'  =>'custom-capability',
             'assign_terms'  =>'custom-capability'


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>Hi list,
>we have the following scenario: custom post type "tool" with a bunch of 
>taxonomies attached to it (type, location, etc). Nothing new under the 
>Using Members [1], I created a new role that has access to tools only, 
>no pages, no posts. In the CPT definition, I set capability_type = 
>'tool', and assigned edit_tools, delete_tools, etc to the corresponding 
>Now, when I log into the system as a Tool Editor, I can add a new tool, 
>but the sidebar taxonomy terms cannot be selected unless I add 
>'edit_posts' to the list of capabilities associated to Tool Editor.
>Am I missing something? Is this a bug in WP?
>[1] https://wordpress.org/plugins/members/
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