[wp-hackers] WordPress, load balancer and domain names

Dino Termini dino at duechiacchiere.it
Wed Jul 23 19:17:17 UTC 2014

Hi list,

I have a question for those who have dealt with MySQL replication. We 
would like to create an environment with three servers: 1 authoring 
server behind the firewall (server1.example.com), that only internal 
users can access, and 2 public-facing servers behind a load balancer 
(server2.example.com and server3.example.com, with load balancer 
responding to server.example.com). Filesystems are synchronized via NFS, 
and MySQL is set as master on the authoring and as slave on the two 
public servers. In order to avoid issues (apparently WP caches oEmbeds 
and other stuff when rendering pages), we set the slaves as read-only.

Now, content editors who access the authoring server, will type 
server1.example.com, which is also the address configured in WordPress. 
Unfortunately those URLs get copied over to the slaves. And that's were 
problems start to arise. Have you ever dealt with a similar situation? 
How did you solve the problem, or what would you recommend we change or 
adapt to implement this architecture?

Thank you,

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