[wp-hackers] Google's insight on Codex Articles

Haluk Karamete halukkaramete at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 17:32:02 UTC 2014

This is not a WP question but I just got curious this morning.

I was doing a google search on "get_template_part".
First hit ( as the screenshot I attached illustrates ) was showing
Konstantin's codex post and his pic.
Knowing him and how much he loves and knows about get_template_part, I was
not surprised much that I saw him up there.

But what puzzled me was the fact that it was a codex article, but yet his
picture was lined up with that. If it was an article from his web site,
that would not be surprising.

I've examined the codex page, (which is located at
http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_template_part ) and I
could not see his name as the author of this page;
The only section on that page that had to do with his name was the section
titled "External Resources" and that was about it.

Then I dived into the source HTML to see, maybe there is an meta tag or
something of that sort for Google bot to pick that insight. But, that
wasn't the case neither.

And this is happening to many other codex articles.

I'm perplexed at the Google's insight in being able to author's pic pic on
those codex articles - even though the HTML source has nothing to say on

Anyone has an idea?

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