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Tue Feb 25 11:19:29 UTC 2014


 : Thanks ! I will keep that in mind now on! :)

@Nick : Thanks a lot for the guidance. I will surely checkout the way in
which these plugins work. ! Will keep you posted!

Meanwhile, I had thought of an UI like this and I wanted to have
suggestions on that.


@Ian :
The Feature
that you suggested for the base forms
can be added as shown.

The Form Builder Meta

Box will help the user to build the Forms. As soon as the User Clicks the
'Add New Element' button, the 'New Element' Box Pops up. User Fills out all
the Properties related to this Element which will include all the
conditions, custom error msgs, parent field  and all
 and clicks 'Add'
 The New element gets added to the Form(not shown here) and the New
Element Popup goes away. 
(Not many
properties have been shown here,
will be added later)

the User does this for all the Elements and then clicks 'Save the Form'.
Now all the Meta Data is stored and the Form can be published.

 The area besides the New Element Box will continuously show the Live Form
fields and their order which can be changed by simple drag and drop.

Once the Form is saved, The Plugin will automatically generate a
that will be passed onto post-content to show up when the form is loaded.
The Plugin will generate the JS required for simple fields validation
automatically from the Properties that user enters for the Element while he
was adding it.

The Plugin may also provide an option to add a few lines before the actual
form starts. For example, the lines written in the text
box shown in the right!

Once the Structure for the forms and UI for the form making has been
finalized, I will start
on how the submitted forms will be handled and presented to the admin. !

Please provide your feedback on this and correct me if I am wrong
anywhere. ! :)



P.S. : Congrats to all GSoC 2014 Aspirants ! WordPress Selected as a
Mentoring Organization !

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