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Hii Ian!

Thanks a ton for being so patient and helping me understand the idea well.!

I want to get a clear idea of exactly what we are going to do ! So I keep
asking you more and more Questions while presenting my own ideas as well.
And here comes again !

*Please correct me if I am wrong in the Following Idea!*

The Basic Process of Making a New Form would be as follows :

1) Website '*Admin*istrator' will go to '*Forms'* in the main admin nav
menu -> Click on a '*Add New'* Form Button(Till this Its same as we do for
a New Post) -> New Form will have *a base form* (as you suggested). He
will *customize
it* and den Save the Form(Auto-save Draft may do this) or directly
Publishes it. *(Editor has to be designed for this ! Have a basic idea, but
Cant seem to figure out how exactly would we do this on Post.php)*

2) The '*Administrator publishes the Form'*. The Form is available to
Public to fill out.

3) A '*Foreign User fills out the Form & Submits'*. As He submits, the
submitted Data is stored in *'form_submissions' table* inside the WP
database itself(Can be queried by using the "Form_ID" field)

4) The Administrator may go to '*Settings Page'* where he would be able to
view, edit, export the "*Submitted Forms*", viewed Form_ID wise.

Now I am slightly lost on the last feature that you mentioned ! It would be
great if you could just help me on that one. !

Deven Bansod

On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 5:10 AM, Ian Dunn <ian at iandunn.name> wrote:

> On 2/13/14, 11:41 PM, Deven Bansod wrote:
>> 1. A *Settings Page* where you will design the Form through a user
>> friendly
>> interface like what we use while designing forms using Google Forms.
>> (*Please
>> suggest if this will be possible to make in the Required Duration* ).
> That's the basic idea, yeah. It would actually be a custom post rather
> than a Settings page, though.
>  2. The Settings page UI, thus, will be used to make new *Forms with an
>> unique ID*.
>> 3. The Plugin will have a function to generate *a short code* which will
>> have *arguments like the Form ID* etc.
>> 4. The user can just go to the *'page/post'* that he wants to add the
>> survey and *use the Short Code with the right ID *as an argument and get
>> the survey running. !
> Yeah, that's all correct. There'll also be some features specific to
> WordCamp.org, like supporting pre-defined base forms that organizers can
> customize. For instance, a "Call for Speakers" form that potential WordCamp
> speakers can fill out. It would have some standard fields like Name, E-mail
> Address, WordPress.org username, etc, but then the organizers could also
> add their custom questions to the form.
> Another feature we're thinking about is having the results of certain
> forms automatically populate some of our other custom post types. For
> example, when someone fills out the Call for Speakers form, it could
> automatically create a drafted Speaker post, so that the organizers don't
> have to copy/paste the data between the two.
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