[wp-hackers] WordPress plugin inspections

Jamie Currie jamie at wunderdojo.com
Thu Feb 20 05:07:29 UTC 2014

New topic to spice things up.

One of my dedicated servers recently starting giving me problems with 
GIT. I'd ssh in to pull the latest version of a plugin and would get 
error messages about the resource being unavailable or whatever. Tracked 
it down to too many processes running, specifically calls to 

Googling turns up lots of threads on the topic, but none that has really 
helped nail down exactly what's going on. If I select one of the 
processes hitting admin-ajax and kill it, they all disappear and 
everything goes back to working.

It seems that auto-save could be the culprit, though I've changed the 
auto-save time period to much longer than stock. I have a sneaking 
suspicion that it's a theme that was just installed on a site (multisite 
network) which has its own page builder framework.

So, anyone have a suggestion as to how I might track down where the 
request to admin-ajax is originating? grep gives me the list of 
potential candidates, but that would only help if I were to start 
disabling / enabling things and then watching to see what happens -- not 
an option on a live network of sites.

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>Hey everyone,
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>Harry is publishing internal reviews that presumably DXW is doing 
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>didn't claim to be the singular authority on this, but merely that 
>these reviews might be useful for others.
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