[wp-hackers] GSoC2014's Idea

张卓 z950803 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 14:02:04 UTC 2014

Dear friend,
It is my pleasure to write here for you.I want to apply GsoC2014 and work
for GlotPress.

> GlotPress <http://trac.glotpress.org/> is a web-based collaborative
> translation tool. It is a web alternative to poEdit and the rest desktop
> gettext editing tools. Code-wise GlotPress is based on BackPress and a tiny
> MVC layer on top of it. The project will be to add functionality to
> GlotPress:
>    - fuzzy strings -- probably the most interesting part -- new strings
>    should be matched with old ones. If they are similar enough the old one
>    should be updated instead of inserting a new string.
>    - tags -- users should be able to tag strings in addition to some
>    machine tags (for example all strings in the admin panel should be tagged
>    wp-admin)
>    - comments for translations
> But I think it's a little difficult for me and I have other idea:
I think the plugin will make developers easlier translate themes and
plugins into other languages and make uesrs  use themes and plugins in
their languages easliy.The project will be to add functionality to

   - Creating a language packs including the common words in Wordpress.
   - Introduced automatic translation.

Lots of themes and plugins only use English.It's difficult for
other-language novices,but it's also difficult and boring to translate them
into other languages for developers. I tried to use Poedit to translate a
theme,and excessive quantities and tedious process make me know how
difficult it is.In this process I found Google Translate can almost
correctly translate 50% at least,and others about 20% are common
professional words.
The plugins will prvoide new functions that is automatic translate,check
and change mistakes easliy of themes and plugins for developers and users.
Please forgive my mistakes in this email,because I'm a Chinese and bad at
Thank you and look forward to your feedbacks and suggestions.

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