[wp-hackers] Static string in permalinks and page with the same name, bad?

Aahan Krish krish+wphackers at aahan.me
Thu Feb 6 15:53:42 UTC 2014


I am using a static string 'archives' in my permalinks. My blog's permalink
structure looks like this: /archives/%postname%/

And my blog has two pages: About me (about-me) and a blank page called
Archives (archives)

In Dashboard > Settings > Reading, the 'Front page displays' option is set
to a static page, with 'about-me' acting as the front page and 'archives'
acting as the blog archive.

Considering that I am already using 'archives' in my permalink structure,
is this to be considered a bad practice?

NOTE: The very reason why I am using a static string in my permalink
structure is to avoid those edge-case performance issues seen when a blog
happens to have a large number of pages with complex relationships
(sub-pages, sub-sub-pages), etc.

With the current settings in place, will the 'static string' still help? Or
should it be changed to something unique (e.g. different from any page,
category, tag, or post slug)?

PS: Would love to know what Otto has to say! =)


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