[wp-hackers] Work on draft while page is published

Dino Termini dino at duechiacchiere.it
Wed Aug 20 13:17:57 UTC 2014

Hi Mike,

I had already stumbled upon Revisionary, indeed. But, as you noted, it 
hasn't been updated in a while. I was wondering if this is something 
that could be considered as a core feature to enhance the revision 
system already available in WordPress. Basically a way to edit a 
"future" revision and preview it.

Thank you,

On 8/20/14, 8:29 AM, Mike Little wrote:
> On 20 August 2014 13:01, Dino Termini <dino at duechiacchiere.it> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Say I've already published a page or post. I now want to make changes, but
>> I want a colleague to check them over before they go live. Is there any way
>> of doing this?
>> Thank you,
>> Dino
> Revisionary (http://wordpress.org/plugins/revisionary/) is one such plugin
> that looks to provide what you need.  Note: it hasn't been updated
> recently, so make sure to test thoroughly.
> I'm sure there are other plugins with similar functionality.
> Mike

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