[wp-hackers] Blocking SEO robots

David Anderson david at wordshell.net
Thu Aug 7 08:20:18 UTC 2014

Jeremy Clarke wrote:
> The best answer is the htaccess-based blacklists from PerishablePress. I
> think this is the latest one:
> http://perishablepress.com/5g-blacklist-2013/
This looks like an interesting list, but doesn't fit the use case. The 
proprietor says "the 5G Blacklist helps reduce the number of malicious 
URL requests that hit your website" - and reading the list confirms 
that's what he's aiming for. I'm aiming to block non-malicious actors 
who are running their own private search engines - i.e. those who want 
to spider the web as part of creating their own non-public products 
(e.g. databases of SEO back-links). It's not about site security; it's 
about not being spidered each day by search engines that Joe Public will 
never use. If you have a shared server used to host many sites for your 
managed clients, then this quickly adds up.

At the moment the best solution I have is adding a robots.txt to every 
site with "Crawl-delay: 15" in it, to slow down the rate of compliant 
bots and spread the load around a bit.

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