[wp-hackers] How do you "version" content?

Nikola Nikolov nikolov.tmw at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 14:42:13 UTC 2014

I personally haven't had the chance to get it yet, but I'd highly recommend
the Migrate DB Pro plugin(
https://deliciousbrains.com/wp-migrate-db-pro/). Although as I took a
look at their prices, I'm kind of sad :( The
developer version used to be like $100 for unlimited sites. Now it's $200
and limited to 100 installs(you can deactivate the license on any of your
sites, but still).
I would still say that even though it's much pricier now, it's still going
to make your life a whole lot easier. It has pull/push that is pretty easy
to use. They recently added a media add-on that allows you to sync your
media files as well.

Usually I would do one of the following things:
 - Use Migrate DB(the free version) in order to get a DB export with new
URL's and then upload it to the target server
 - Download a DB copy through phpMyAdmin, upload it to the new server and
if possible use wp-cli's search-replace command

They're both more time consuming, but right now I can't toss-away about 7
to 10 hours of paid work time just to get the plugin :)

On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 5:26 PM, Dino Termini <dino at duechiacchiere.it>wrote:

> Hello list,
> I am setting up a git repo to manage my WordPress "stuff". I have a
> somewhat clear idea of how to setup my environment.
> However I would like to hear from the experts on what the best practices
> are to synchronize and reconcile content.
> In other words, how do you keep your dev/stg/prd databases in synch? (both
> directions)
> Thank you,
> Dino.
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