[wp-hackers] Delete Row - Refreshes Page but not DB

J.D. Grimes jdg at codesymphony.co
Wed Sep 25 19:07:00 UTC 2013

On Sep 25, 2013, at 1:00 PM, BenderisGreat <greglancaster71 at gmail.com> wrote:

> The following code I wrote to perform two functions. Delete a row matching
> the the row[id] and to also erase the associated attachment post. It
> functions - The code shows the delete button in every row, and when pressed
> the row is deleted. However after pressing delete the page is refreshed (not
> sure why, I dont have any onclick or onsubmit events set) and the row
> remains until a manual refresh is performed. Need a little assistance
> figuring why;

I think perhaps you meant to say that the page is NOT automatically refreshed when you hit the delete button? The expected result from your code would be that the page should refresh. There is no way (without interference from some JavaScript somewhere) that anything is getting deleted without a refresh. Could you clarify that?


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