[wp-hackers] Hook trouble

J.D. Grimes jdg at codesymphony.co
Wed Sep 11 15:50:16 UTC 2013

Oh, and a solution in your situation would be to add the hook in the maybe_override_function(), if the condition isn't met.

On Sep 11, 2013, at 11:48 AM, J.D. Grimes <jdg at codesymphony.co> wrote:

>> In my mind, if my function runs at priority 9, adds a restoring function with priority 11 and then that restoring function re-adds the function at priority 10, the original function which I'm trying to restore will not run. However, it does.
> If I remember correctly, functions added before the hook has finished running, but after their priority has already run, will be run last. Its odd I know. I think there might be a ticket for that, not sure though.

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