[wp-hackers] W3 Total Cache and excluding specific page content from caching

William Satterwhite whsatterwhite at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 00:43:13 UTC 2013

I've been doing a lot of research, reading, and made many attempts at
excluding specific content areas from W3 Total Cache's page caching. What I
keep trying is excluding a sidebar and its widgets entirely from page
cache, but leaving the rest of the page cached. Multiple attempts at doing
so have failed. I've followed many of the <!-- mfunc --> examples, enabled
late init within page caching, and nothing seems to work. There are many
widgets that are used, which display dynamic information produced by PHP,
so having the ability to exclude them from caching would be great.

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The following are links that I've found while trying to figure this out on
my own:

To complicate things, I'm using the Genesis Framework with a child theme
and trying to get this working with Cart66's "Cart" widget.

Thank you,
Hunter Satterwhite

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