[wp-hackers] Looking for team member

Guus (IFS) guus at inspiration-for-success.com
Fri Sep 6 10:37:38 UTC 2013


Almost half a year ago I started a project called Inspiration for Success. The main goal of the project is to inspire people to achieve success and one of my personal reasons for the project is and was to achieve some (big) financial success.

The project started as the website Inspiration for Success (http://www.inspiration-for-success.com/), which is and was some kind of personal blog with added 'self help' type content.

One of my main personal challenges is and was to create a team to make this project successful. As of the moment the team consists of four members, including me. 

In order to make the website more useful for people looking to achieve success I want to add functionality where people can e.g. keep score of their progress on their way to success. This means quite a lot of programming and as I am the only programmer within the team I think an additional programmer would complete the team.

Next to my 'creating a team' challenge another challenge was and is to get the project going without any cash out as I don't have any cash available for that. So for now there will be no direct financial reward, even though we have some quite big financial goals in mind for the team.

As the current site is built with Wordpress I think a Wordpress developer would be the right team member for now, even though I think in the end Wordpress will not be the right platform for what I have in mind with the site in the future.

My question is if you have some time available for a project to inspire people to achieve success and/or are looking for some kind of success that this project could contribute to or if you know someone who would like to join this project please let me know.

Guus Ellenkamp

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