[wp-hackers] Reusing WordPress translations of strings in a plugin

J.D. Grimes jdg at codesymphony.co
Mon Sep 2 20:13:10 UTC 2013

I'm writing a plugin and of course I'm trying to do all of the I18n. I'm coming across some strings that need to be translatable, but that are already translated in WordPress core. What I mean is that, for example, the plugin has button with the text 'Save'. When I wrap this in the I18n functions, is there any reason that I should use the plugin's text domain instead of the default? Since that string will already be translated for WP, is there any reason to make folks translate it again for the plugin? I realize that in some cases, we might have to worry about different contexts, or the string eventually being removed from core. But with things like 'Save', 'Delete', 'Close', etc., is there really any reason to use the plugin's text domain, rather than calling the functions without it?


- J.D.

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