[wp-hackers] Unique Admin View for Custom Post Type

Jeff Rose jeff at jeffrose.ca
Sun Sep 1 17:50:10 UTC 2013

> You can do so in your meta box code. Just check for the desired cap, and
> print the layout of the meta box as you like. You may want to remove
> support for the standard stuff like editor and whatnot, so that you can
> handle it your self in the meta box, this way you can not show it to some
> users.

Thanks for the reply Ken. I think I wasn't clear in my question.

The metabox stuff is all fine, I've got that covered.

What I'd like is when the user clicks the "View post" link either from the
publish meta box, the preview link or the view post link (also in Quick
Edit actions), to send the Admin user to a custom page that shows an
entirely different layout of the material. They would be viewing the post
data not in the edit layout, and not in the post layout, but in a custom
(third) view.


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