[wp-hackers] Unique Admin View for Custom Post Type

Jeff Rose jeff at jeffrose.ca
Sun Sep 1 02:29:41 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone:

I'm wondering if there's a tutorial or anyone has an idea of how to present
select users (based on a custom capability) with a unique layout of a
custom post type.

For example:
Custom Post Type might be a Movie and it collects a bunch of metadata using
custom meta-boxes and taxonomies like year, production company, cast,
director etc. (Let's pretend it's like IMDB quantity of data)

For a user/visitor this is presented using a post template through a theme
in a certain manner - that's simple enough.

But the selected user (Admin, content manager) just needs an overview in
perhaps a tabular or 2 column layout to review the data. Perhaps the
content manager can't edit it but still needs to review it.

I hope that makes sense. I did it once but it felt like a hack and not the
best way.

I appreciate any feedback.

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