[wp-hackers] http://wordpress.org/plugins/plugin-organizer/ Breaks 3.7

Glenn Tate gt at gtmanagement.com
Fri Oct 25 22:38:53 UTC 2013

White screens and throws this error:

Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() in
/home/.../public_html/.../wordpress/wp-includes/user.php on line 215

>From the author:
"So the problem is that the developers have changed the WP_query object so
that the WP_query->get_posts function no longer uses a global variable for
the user id and it now calls the get_current_user_id function which calls
wp_get_current_user which only exists after pluggable.php has been
included. If I include pluggable.php its going to make the functions in
pluggable.php static and will no longer be able to be overridden."

This patches it.

You need to add this line to the top of your CAPABILITIES.PHP file -

require_once ('pluggable.php');

so it looks like this -


require_once ('pluggable.php');
 * WordPress Roles and Capabilities.


Glenn S. Tate

GT Management Systems

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