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Jamie Currie jamie at wunderdojo.com
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Gravity Forms has a users plugin that lets you create user accounts from 
a custom form. Would be easy to set up several user types and use 
Gravity Forms conditional fields to show the appropriate ones. I'm sure 
you can do it with other form plugins and I've written custom solutions 
for this type of thing but GF is a pretty simple way to go.

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>If you're doing wp-admin only work, Advanced Custom Fields may be 
>helpful -
>using Conditional Logic and setup on the user page.
>On 22 October 2013 05:36, Jeff Rose <mirepup at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  Hoping for someone to tell me there's a better way to handle user 
>>  Let's suppose that I have a bunch of "contacts" or users of different
>>  types. Clients and Employees for example. Each has different 
>>  needs. For example, employees would have Next of kin and clients 
>>would have
>>  birthday (imagine way more complicated scenario) just to keep things
>>  simple. But each type would have about 10 unique fields and a bunch 
>>  common fields.
>>  I know that the WordPress user form can be appended to in limited 
>>  What's the best way to handle some large amounts of custom user 
>>  in forms that various other users will have access to, at least in 
>>  I'm leaning toward a custom post type linked to the user - so I get 
>>  form. But feel I may be overlooking something easy/obvious.
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