[wp-hackers] limit images displayed in the media upload window ?

Lee Rickler info at a5d.org
Tue Mar 26 10:36:50 UTC 2013


I sent this over a few days ago but heard nothing back.
Anyone else have this issue?
Is it just me being stupid or is it a bug?

Essentially/ tl;dr:
When selecting a new image via the 'Select images' modal, not all media library files are displayed.

Original post:
I'm working on what's going to be a fairly substantial project and am having issues when placing featured images or selecting images in general.

Pages (so far) = around 300
Media library (so far) = 500 images (all around 1 or 2mbs each)

When I access a page to add an image only 129 images (from the media library) are displayed in the 'select images' modal.
If I then upload a new image/ save, the image shows up fine on the page and in the media library.
If I then go to another page and add an image the image I just uploaded isn't available in the SI window even though it's clearly in the media library.
Searching for the image from within the SI window brings up a blank/ not found.

Turned off all plugins and tried with twentytwelve theme - still the same issue.
I've even tried regenerating all the thumbnails etc but to no avail.

So, my question is (as I've never had this issue before) is there a limit to images displayed in the media upload window when adding an image?

As an aside, In the media library there is pagination and/ or you can change the amount on view (screen options tab > media items) but there's nothing like this on the set featured image window. or am I missing something?



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