[wp-hackers] monitoring the new tag creation by non-admins

Haluk Karamete halukkaramete at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 04:14:03 UTC 2013

I'm trying to monitor the creation of the new tags when a non-admin or
non-editor submits a new post.
In another words, if a contributor or author submits a new post, I'd like
to mark the new tags somehow so that I can do some maintenance work.

For that I decided to use the prefix "newtag-" in front of those new tags.
So I can go the dashboard tags interface and search for "newtag-", and do
the maintenance.

Here is a scenario... assume that "apple" is an old tag, and joe the
contributor comes along and submits a new post with the tags "apple" and
"mango" attached to it.
I want that post to go as "apple" and "newtag-mango" automatically.

now... for this goal at hand, I set out with

add_filter('wp_insert_post_data', 'my_post_data_validator', '99');

function my_post_data_validator($data) {


In the function, I programmatically change the incoming $post_tags from
"apple,mango" to "apple,newtag-mango"
and then I run

$set_post_terms_result= wp_set_post_terms( $_POST['post_ID'],
$modified_tags, "post_tag", FALSE ); // where $modified_tags is equal to

but after this plug in runs, I do get the "newtag-mango"
created automatically on the fly. But unfortunately, WP goes ahead and uses
its own wp_set_post_terms somewhere down the road with the 3rd arg being
set to FALSE overwriting my own running of the wp_set_post_terms. It
obviously uses the original $_POST array and as a result, joe's post ends
up with "apple", & "mango".

What do I need to do so that WP completely forgets about the
wp_set_post_terms for the post_tags?

Another solution could be to tap into the "wp_insert_term" and change the
post tags thru a filter.  Maybe there is a filter to tell wp_insert_term
hey don;t use apple and mango, but go ahead with apple newtag-mango. Then
that would solve my problems.

but firstly, I cannot figure it out, and secondly, approaching to this
problem from these very angles may not be the best way to tackle this

Thus your help is greatly appreciated.


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