[wp-hackers] php 5.5.0 is out........

Paolo Tresso paolo.tresso at swergroup.com
Sat Jun 22 04:00:12 UTC 2013

Ryan McCue wrote:

> Actually, although it's not documented any more, it will let you. The
> Travis team were having some problems with building it so decided to
> drop official support, but it looks like it's still working:
> https://travis-ci.org/rmccue/Requests/jobs/8209092

Nice! I'll try it in the next commit, thank you for sharing.

> The reason hosts are still on 5.2 is because they've been on it for a
> while and they know it works. Changing that for their customers
> inevitably means breaking things, so it's easy to see why they don't
> upgrade faster.

I understand this view, but I think that a major release (or two) behind
should be enough. 
PHP 5.2 was out in 2006 while PHP 5.3 was in 2009: I'm not sure about
how many legacy code runs online, but from the internet point of view
feel like it was a century ago :-)

As many open source project pushed a lot for PHP5, maybe it's time to do
that again and set an higher base PHP version. Would help a lot both
WordPress and developers out there.

Paolo Tresso

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