[wp-hackers] Website was hacked

webmaster at qcustodial.com webmaster at qcustodial.com
Sun Jun 16 20:48:46 UTC 2013

I went to login to my WordPress site today but it was not accepting my
username/password. It kept saying invalid username which I knew was valid.
I accessed cpanel then phpmyadmin to find the username, password, and
email had been changed. I used the generator on your site to provide a new
password hash then using phpmyadmin I change the username and email back
and set a new password. The password has been changed along with my cpanel
and mysql passwords. It does not appear any changes were made other than

The wired thing is the username was changed, which cannot be done in
WordPress you have to do it in the database itself. Leading me to believe
it was the web host that was hacked not my WordPress install. What are you
thoughts? What else should I do?

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