[wp-hackers] on the role of guid

Fabrizio Regini freegenie at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 10:14:09 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,
I  was looking for info about the guid field in wp_posts and I stumbled 
on this page, which states that you should never-ever change the guid 
field even if you change your site's domain.


I've recently started to hack around some wordpress plugins, and I noted 
that at least one of those I encountered rely on the guid field as a 
source of redirect.
As I understand this is clearly in contrast with guidelines as described 
in the above page. If the guid field is to be used as a globally unique 
identifier for the post, wouldn't it be better to rely on a kind of SHA 
Doing that will avoid any wrong use of the guid field by less informed 
plugin developers.

What do you think?


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