[wp-hackers] Exemplary code for web single sign-on plugin

Robert Lowe robertmlowe at rmlowe.com
Tue Jul 30 16:22:46 UTC 2013

I am attempting to create a plugin that causes WordPress to use an external
site for authentication using a custom single sign-on protocol.

Essentially, the plugin will need to redirect users to the external site
when they need to log in. After authenticating the user, the external site
will redirect them back to WordPress, passing a username, along with a
message authentication code, which my plugin will need to validate.

I see a number of plugins in the official directory that claim to provide
various forms of single sign-on. However, looking at the code for these
plugins I see little commonality in the approaches taken.

Can anyone point me to code that they would consider exemplary for
implementing web single sign-on in a plugin?

Best regards,

Robert Lowe

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