[wp-hackers] Alternative or reactivation for get_blog_info()

Frank Bueltge frank at bueltge.de
Wed Jul 24 08:57:29 UTC 2013

Hello at all,

since WP 3.0 ist Multisite more and more popular.
Very often on development is it important, that you get all blogs on
network. Before WP 3.0 give it the function get_blog_list() for this job.

Since 3.0 is this function deprecated. But if you will search via www for a
alternative solution, you find many code snippets, but all with a sql
select. I think it is important, that we have a core function for this
topic, maybe the function get_blog_list().
What do you think, it is a enhancement, change for the trac that we
reactivate the function in core?
I have search on trac for topics to this functions, but only one result
with other content.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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