[wp-hackers] Detecting the present botnet attacks

Jeff Morris wp-hackers at zipsbazaar.co.uk
Thu Jul 11 12:03:32 UTC 2013

On 11/07/2013 09:26, John Blackbourn wrote:
> FYI you can pass a different HTTP status code to wp_die() in the $args
> parameter.

Right, John. It is that simple.

My point about HTTP 500 is that it ought to signal very serious "trouble 
at t'mill". Ideally, you want to never see HTTP 500 responses in server 
access logs.

The wp_die() documentation alludes to this in a round-about way:

"It is not recommended to call this function very often and try to 
handle as many errors as possible silently."

And if you're unhappy about the bloated output from wp_die(), you can 
replace the entire _default_wp_die_handler() function with an 
add_filter() hook.

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