[wp-hackers] wp-cli theme-test install

Paolo Tresso paolo.tresso at swergroup.com
Wed Jul 10 00:19:24 UTC 2013

Hi hackers!

I would like to introduce you a tool that may be useful to theme testers
out there: a wp-cli command that automate the whole setup process
described in the codex. Here it is:


It features:
- sample datafiles download and import
- multiple datafile sources (3x wpcom, wptest, maybe others)
- download and install plugin bundles (theme tester, VIP theme tester,
plugin dev, and a custom "debug" set of my choice (open to suggestions,
of course).
- blog-wide option updates on par with the standard

Besides that it's near-beta quality, and requires a bit of knowledge to
setup (but it should be easy enough to try), given that requires a
development version of wp-cli actually (>= 0.11a, because of "wp import"

While I'm testing on my own - I'd like to share it and maybe have your
suggestions / bug reports (either here or in the issue tracker). Hope it
can be useful for someone!

Paolo (@pixline)

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