[wp-hackers] Rename a plugin repository

Mika A Epstein ipstenu at ipstenu.org
Tue Jul 9 17:08:59 UTC 2013

Impossible the way you probably want it :/

The repo doesn't allow us to rename the SLUG, however you can change the 
display name (controlled by your readme and plugin's php file) all you want.

The best that could happen is we close your plugin and you submit a new 
one, but that means no one using BuddyPress Media gets updated to the 
new versions. And no, we can't redirect your users.

If you REALLY want to do that, email plugins at wordpress.org

Joshua Abenazer wrote:
> Hi,
> Not sure, if this is the right place. Please guide me, if I need to post
> elsewhere.
> My team and I had released a plugin called BuddyPress Media. We have now
> rebuilt it and widened the scope to include WordPress and bbPress. We have
> renamed it as *rtMedia*.
> In another conversation on buddypress.org, @modemlooper had mentioned that
> he had renamed his plugins on the suggestion of @johnjamesjacoby.
> So, what I need to know is how could we go ahead and emulate @modemlooper
> and rename our plugin on the plugin repository? I don't see a setting
> anywhere.
> Would really appreciate any help on this.
> Regards.

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