[wp-hackers] allow line breaks on front end (bio/ descriptions)

Lee Rickler info at a5d.org
Mon Jan 28 20:18:17 UTC 2013


This one has my brain aching.

1: Client project is requiring users profiles - including biography field) etc on the back-end which require non removal of line breaks.

2: Client is requiring non admins to only update their profiles via front end.

1, Added code to functions.php* which enables WYSIWYG editing on the bio text area on the back-end.

2, To build front end profiles I have added in Profile builder (Pro) - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/profile-builder/ - This works fine BUT strips all line breaks from the bio as is the normal route for WP (so I am lead to believe).

So, my question is - How can I stop line breaks from being removed when editing front end profiles?

*This is added to give WYSIWYG in the back-end: http://pastebin.com/GNnqn339

Doing my frikking head in as no matter what I try I cannot get both to work together.

Much appreciated.


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