[wp-hackers] Custom Re-write Rules

William Satterwhite whsatterwhite at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 19:27:56 UTC 2013

I've been working on getting custom re-write rules working in WordPress and
I've been through the Codex as well as countless tutorials that show the
various ways that rewrite rules can be implemented. Now, I'd like to think
that I'm doing it right, but every time I visit a URL for the custom
re-write it 404's on me. I know the re-write is registered within
WordPress, because I can check rewrite_rules in wp_options and see it

The rule itself is to allow me to point to a page using an ISO formatted
date as the query_var e.g. http://site.com/by-date/YYYY-mm-dd or
http://site.com/by-date/2013-02-01. by-date being the static page that I
want to included in the custom re-rewrite. If anyone could provide some
insight on what I may be doing wrong or missing then please let me know.

Here's the pastebin of what I've written. <http://pastebin.com/NCESJF0P>

Hunter Satterwhite
(252) 762-5177

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