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Lee Rickler info at a5d.org
Sat Jan 19 10:59:31 UTC 2013

Obviously this is not a ranking element but what's to say that the plug in with 0 support threads is not working perfectly, therefore people don't need to ask for support, compared to a plugin with serious issues having a ton of threads?

Also, the stars used to be a simple click and done. Now you have to also write something.
Most people wouldn't be bothered.
I know I've stopped 'starring' plugins because of this.


On 19 Jan 2013, at 10:37, David Anderson <david at wordshell.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm not looking to "game the system", but I am a bit curious if anyone "in the know" can explain how the search for plugins on wordpress.org works.
> Obviously, any exact match comes top. So the clever guy who took the name "backup" gets his plugin top every time when you search for "backup".
> But the plugin that comes second... "6Scan Backup". Look at the stats:
> Downloads: 7,262
> Average rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars (8 5 star, 7 1 star)
> 0 "it works" ratings on the current version of WP
> 0 support requests either opened or closed in recent months
> Now, how does that come second? Compare, to pick a not-at-all-random example, my own backup plugin, "UpdraftPlus backup":
> Downloads: 25,014
> Average rating: 12 ratings, all 5 star
> 1 "it works" rating on current version of WP
> 44 out of 47 support requests closed in the last 2 months
> I'm not saying "mine should come second". There are various other backup plugins that would rate as well as mine. But I am very curious as to how "6scan backup" is managing to come second, and how it manages to rate higher than plugins that appear to score better on every metric.
> Anyone have any inside knowledge?
> David
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