[wp-hackers] Plugin code quality and best practice robot

Mika A Epstein ipstenu at ipstenu.org
Fri Jan 18 16:56:25 UTC 2013

You don't need a robot.


Download it, grep :)

And ... we do that every now and then (in our free time, hah) to look 
for dodgy code, but I admit that's low on the list.

Simon Dunton - WP Sites wrote:
> Hi,
> This is just an idea I had this morning that I thought I would put out 
> there.
> I've recently been running WordPress with the codebase symlinked and 
> the wp-content folder in the directory above the WordPress core files. 
> This is causing problems with a number of plugins because they assume 
> the plugin folder will be site.com/wp-content/plugins. As most of you 
> will probably know, it's perfectly valid to have your wp-content, 
> plugins, themes or uploads directory where ever you want providing you 
> set the correct constants.
> I'm guessing this is a common issue that a sizeable percentage of .org 
> plugins suffer from. So I thought how about creating a robot to go 
> through all of the wp.org plugins and check for dodgy code like this. 
> It could also check the plugin doesn't generate any notices/errors by 
> running it on a site with error reporting on.
> The robot could then post a quick support question to the plugin 
> author to tell them paths need to be created this way and point them 
> to the correct page in the codex and the same with any other coding 
> issues.
> What would WordPress.org think about a robot downloading plugins and 
> posting to the support forum section for that plugin? maybe one every 
> couple of seconds.
> Is there anything else quality or best practice wise that this robot 
> could detect and inform plugin authors of?
> Simon
> WP Sites Ltd
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